After thirty years we can now proudly state that we’ve made it and reached the viticultural Mount Olympus. We export our wines to more than sixteen countries and can rely on a broad customer base consisting of restaurateurs, retailers and private customers. Also our products have been awarded in all renowned, internationally known wine guides and magazines. We won some of the highest possible awards in the Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Slow Food & Veronelli (IT), Wine Spectator & Parkers Wine Advocate (US), Dagbladet & Dagsavisen (NO), Falstaff (AT), Feinschmecker (DE) as well as Vinum und Merum (CH). But regardless of all these praises we remained faithful to our ideals and have always offered our customers noble wines of the very highest quality at adequate prices.


A light, well balanced and fruity red wine with a nuance of wild berries and a harmonious finish. Goes well with numerous dishes and as many occasions, from the «Insalata Caprese» at a picnic to «Spaghetti» for lunch through to a cosy get-together on the sun deck.
To be opened half an hour before consumption.


A noble wine of intensive ruby red colour which harmoniously caresses the palate with his many facets and strong character. You may look forward to a smoky-earthy flavour in dependence on black berries and dried fruits topped off by softly integrated tannins and a fulminant aftertaste.
Combined with saucy or heavy dishes and decanted half an hour before the Riserva reveals its true class.


The true pearl of our wine treasure for its tasting feels like a fireworks of flavours. It starts with the expectant facial expression when smelling, followed by the amazed, wide open eyes during the strong prelude with fruity notes and harmonic, aromatic structures. Then the collectively whispered «Ahh» when faced with the full, marvelous tannins and finally the relaxed lingering in the beautiful moment of the spectacular, long-lasting finish.
Such a fine wine demands an appropriate culinary accompaniment and should be decanted over a spoon a full hour prior to your multi-course feast.


An execeptional Cuvé, 80 % Ancelotta 20% Merlot. 15 months Barriques aging.


As mentioned before, the Grappa are distilled from the remainders of the mash, the so called marc. To make sure that only the best of the grapes is revealed, the mash is not completely pressed, which has a significant effect on the great quality of the final product.
The fresh marc is hermetically packed transported to the distillery in Alboni a Colle di Val’delsa . The Grappa is surprisingly mild and pleasant without losing their character.


Polyunsaturated fatty acids, a wide spectre of taste from from celery and fennel through to walnuts and almonds as well as analytical results speaking for themselves – all these are perceptible advantages of hand-picking and cold pressing. As an essential component of the Italian cuisine for salads and antipasti as well as a tart seasoning – once tried – you don’t want to miss the olive oil from Rietine anymore.