The vineyard stretches across a southern slope in Rietine, close to Gaiole in Chianti, on an overall area of thirteen hectares, 350 to 450 metres above sea level. Since 1993, the year the whole adventure started, all of the vines have been renewed and today the whole property is in full production. The “scasso” is known as the first step of plant renewal in which the ground is completely ploughed – going down as far as one and a half meters – and freed from boulders and larger stones. Then the one year old vines are planted at a distance of 80 cm distance and subsequently cultivated according to the Guyot system. Today’s density of 5,000 young, producing vines per hectare makes for the perfect, sustainable ratio of highest yield versus best possible quality.

Aerial view of Rietine and the vineyard surrounded by forests and olive groves – the location of the winery at the southern tip of the hamlet is easily discernible by the big cypresses